Copperheart Entertainment is a Toronto-based film and television production company that has produced a diverse body of work including the 2005 Oscar® winning computer animated short, RYAN, the supernatural thriller HAUNTER starring Abigail Breslin SarahPolley, both directed by Vincenzo Natali,the comedy YOUNG PEOPLE FUCKING, the remake of the 70s horror classic BLACK CHRISTMAS, the cult hit trilogy GINGER SNAPS. Recently completed films include science fiction thriller DEBUG written and directed by David Hewlett (RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, STARGATE: ATLANTIS) ; the action thriller WOLVES starring Jason Momoa and Lucas Till, written and directed by David Hayter (X-MEN, WATCHMEN) and the feature film A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY, starring Shatner, which is slated for theatrical release Christmas 2015.

Copperheart Entertainment

121 John Street, Suite 1
Toronto Ontario
M5V 2E2
T. 416.516.4950